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Atlanta Blue Jays Baseball - The Next Level
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Atlanta Blue Jays Baseball Testimonials - Tim Beckham

For me the Atlanta Blue Jays was much more than just a summer ball team.. It was a family that made a simple promise to me "We will do everything in our power to ensure that you are physically, mentally , and emotionally ready for baseball at the next level, be it collegiate or professionally!"and the program stayed loyal to that promise. Now, after being fortunate enough to experience the lifestyle of a professional baseball player, this program is the closest you will get to experiencing minor league baseball without being a professional. The Atlanta Blue Jays got me fully prepared for "the grind" called minor league baseball. That's the only thing that mattered to me then and now. Everyone on our team signed up for the same promise and in return got the same loyalty, exposure and opportunity. With this being said I'll always be a part of this Blue Jay family and without my brother Jeremy and my summer ball coach/mentor Anthony Dye I would not be where I am today. Thank you Atlanta Blue Jays. " You either ride with us, or collide with us"

"Once a Blue Jay, Always a Blue Jay!!"

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