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Atlanta Blue Jays Baseball Testimonials - Quincy Nieporte

When I started playing for the Atlanta Blue Jays early in my high school years, it opened my eyes significantly to the overall grind the sport of baseball required in order to succeed. I was 15 years old when I first started playing Blue Jays baseball and then the following year as a 16 year old I was given the honor to play with the 17/18U team which taught me most of what I know to this day about the “grind” of baseball. Playing for the Atlanta Blue Jays not only taught me the day in and day out commitment and responsibility of playing everyday for the majority of the year, but they also taught me how to grow up as a man. The Atlanta Blue Jays coaching staff gave me all the services possible to enhance my overall performance and knowledge for the game. Many preach that a baseball team is essentially your second family, but I have played on many teams in which this was not the case. However, FAMILY was the definition of my experience while playing for the Blue Jays, and because of that I had and continue to have a close “brother like” relationship with many of my past teammates I was able to play alongside for several years. I have been given the great honor to continue playing the sport I love at Florida State University while I continue to strive for my ultimate goal of becoming a big league ball player. Earning a scholarship and playing at FSU has always been a dream/goal of mine for as long as I have been able to swing a bat. Now that I have reached this goal I set for myself long ago, I will be the first one to admit that it would have not been possible to be in the situation I am in on my own. I owe an unexplainable amount of gratitude and appreciation to the Atlanta Blue Jays coaching staff and fellow teammates for my accomplishments and success that I have been able to obtain in my many years of playing baseball. It was and will always be an amazing honor to be apart of the Blue Jays family, because throughout our great nation and even the entire world everyone knows who the ATLANTA BLUE JAYS are. To the players that played before me and molded Blue Jays’ reputation, the players that came after me, and of course the players who fought day in and day out, I look forward to competing either with or against you as my career continues. Finally, to all the coaches who invested so much of their time in me and taught me so much about baseball and overall values in life that I continue to use while competing with the nations best players and future big leaguers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope all is well! “ONCE A BLUE JAY, ALWAYS A BLUE JAY”

Quincy Nieporte- Florida State University

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