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Atlanta Blue Jays Baseball Testimonials - Nick Lawrence

Coach AD (Anthony) & Coach Steve,

We just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for Nicholas this past summer (2012) he has acheived many goals and honors this past summer and all of that was due to being part of The Atlanta Blue Jay Family.

We are extremly happy that we sent Nick to you for the summer, I know at first we were a little hesitant just because sending Nick away for the summer to play for an out of town team was a new concept for us, But we can honestly say it was the best experience not only for us but for Nick as well, Trust me he would have been a Blue Jay a lot sooner if we would have know of you sooner.

He has not only improved as a player but as a young mas as well, Your instruction on and off the field was and still is a great help to him, Knowing the way he will have to practice, play and travel at the next level is a great help to him.

We are certainly excited and proud of his commitment to High Point University and we can thank you for being a part of this accomoplishment.

We certainly appreciate all the hard work and long hours you put in for these kids and no words alone can thank you for the experience, But we will say a big THANK YOU anyway.

"Once a Blue Jay, Always a Blue Jay"
You either Ride with us or Collide with Us"

We will remember these words for a long, long time

Thank you again....

Andrew & Sheri Lawrence

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