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Atlanta Blue Jays Baseball Testimonials - Mitchell Krystopa

My son, Mitchell, played for the Atlanta Blue Jays 16u and 17U teams, and I cannot express enough how much the experience meant to my son and our family. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that without the coaching and guidance of the program, my son would not be playing college baseball at Gordon State College. A.D. and Steve mean what they say when they tell the boys "once you are a Blue Jay you are always a Blue Jay." 

To play on this team is a commitment, yes, but my son learned more than just pitching mechanics. He learned mental toughness on the mound, how to make adjustments, and how to pitch. Steve was instrumental in changing his pitching mechanics and arm slot and increasing his velocity. 

Most importantly, Mitchell learned how to go to war with a group of teammates. He learned what it is like to travel and play during a grueling schedule in the heat of the summer. The Atlanta Blue Jays prepared him for what will be future experiences as a college player.

I also had the honor of hosting another player from Tennessee, Devin Symlar, now a college player at Columbia State Community College, for both summers, and that experience was one of the most rewarding of my life. Devin will always be a part of my family, and being able to host another player to help the Blue Jay family and Devin will be something we never forget. Getting to know the other parents and building relationships with them was an added bonus. I still follow Mitchell's teammates and support their accomplishments as they have moved on to college or pro ball.

Playing baseball for the Atlanta Blue Jays changed my son and my family forever. A.D. and Steve care about the young men they coach, and make personal sacrifices to ensure any player who wants to put in the work and get to the next level gets there. This is not a program with lots of teams running through kids like it is a machine. 

I am proud to say that Mitchell was a part of the Atlanta Blue Jays. Being a Blue Jay helped Mitchell in immeasurable ways. He still speaks of things the coaches taught him, and the amazing experiences he had traveling and going to battle with his teammates. Once a Blue Jay, always a Blue Jay.

Rebecca Krystopa

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