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Atlanta Blue Jays Baseball Testimonials - Luke Johnson

When it comes to the Atlanta Blue Jays, my story is one that is out of the ordinary. Unlike nearly every one of my teammates, I made the conscious decision to not pursue baseball past high school. This was definitely not due to lack of opportunity, as after playing with the program I was given options which would have allowed me to play at the next level. But, due to injury as well as other personal motives, I chose to leave the game I loved.

The experience I had with the Atlanta Blue Jays is one that still impacts my life every day. The work ethic, values, and attitude which I developed playing under Anthony and Steve was one that would serve me greatly in my career outside of baseball. I am currently working for a consulting group in Belgium which forces me to speak confidently to people twice my age on a daily basis. The confidence and fortitude which I developed on the field, has lead to success and advancement off of it.

The concept of studying your craft and becoming a student of what you are trying to excel at is ingrained in the players of this program. Blue Jays players are constantly taught that your future is your own and if you do not work hard for what you want, someone else will. This rings true in life, just as it does in baseball. The years I spent traveling the southeast on a bus, playing in college and professional ball parks, and winning a national championship are some of the fondest of my life and the things which I learned then will impact me for the rest of my life.

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