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Atlanta Blue Jays Baseball Testimonials - Luke Bonfield

The Atlanta Blue Jays summer travel program was extremely beneficial to Luke.

Luke had always been obsessed with the game but had to participate on 2-3 teams during summer season to achieve the developmental and game time necessary to optimize his athletic ability. Many teams want to "own" the player which although is understandable to a degree, don't afford the player enough games, at bats and practice time to improve. Historically 25-30 game schedules were offered during season.

Also quite often Luke would not be facing the best competition and not really tested to understand his real potential as a player.

In 2013, The Atlanta Blue Jays offered Luke a 50-60 game summer season with 175-200 at bats and exposed him to the best competition in the southeast region of Georgia and Florida on a daily basis, over a 7-8 week period. It's a performance based program. The kids traveled together by bus and lived together in hotels. They stayed at coaches houses during home stands. They quickly became a band of brothers and lifetime friends linked by common goals in baseball.

Luke loved that he was surrounded by kids and adults who loved and respected the game like he did. It was a rigorous and sometimes exhausting schedule which he also loved. More than once he told me -"Dad it was the best summer of my life".

Luke was challenged tremendously and given every opportunity to prove himself on a national stage. The challenge focused him and he performed well enough to receive scholarship offers to dozens of the top College Baseball programs in the country. Luke chose to go to the University of Arkansas based on it's strong baseball tradition and fan base. Also the home town feel of Fayetteville captured him.

At the end of the season he was chosen for the Area Code Games in Long Beach, Ca and East Coast Pro in Syracuse, Ny along with several other members of the team. He was also a standout hitter at PG National in Minneapolis. Luke ended the year ranked in the top 100 players in the country by Perfect Game. I am convinced this would not have happened without his opportunity to play on the Atlanta Blue Jays.

Anthony Dye and Steve Louerio have been tremendous mentors for Luke. I would recommend the program to driven baseball players who are dedicated to excellence and totally committed to the game.

The Slogan "Once a Blue Jay always a Blue Jay" to me is the truest way express the impact the program has on kids lives. It was a lifetime memory. It was a great summer for my son!

Thank You

Dave Bonfield,
Skillman, NJ

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