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Atlanta Blue Jays Baseball Testimonials - Julius Gaines

My name is Kenneth J. Gaines the father of Julius Gaines. My son starting playing baseball at the tender age of 3 yrs. old. It didn't take long to realize that he had God given talent to play this game. At 5 yrs. old he came to me and said "dad when I grow up I want be a Professional Baseball player". With a smile I said " ok son you have to practice with a purpose". If somewhere along the way you change your mind let me know.

Having never played baseball myself I knew I could only teach him the basics. By 7 yrs. old I knew I had to put him with someone who would take him to the next level. At 8 yrs. old Julius started playing travel ball with the Georgia Seminoles. On this team Julius played with Delino DeShields Jr. ( who is also a former Atlanta Bluejay) the son of Delino DeShields Sr. former Major League 2nd baseman of 14yrs. When the boys were 12 Delino Sr retired from baseball and decided to help coach the team. Julius being a fellow middle infielder Delino Sr. (Bop) took a special interest in him. After Bop taught Julius the proper footwork his philosophy was " practice makes perfect" so you need reps reps reps for muscle memory. After Julius had a 3-4 hr practice with the team he would say". Bop can I get some ground balls. He would take ground balls for another 2 hrs.

I say all that to say this after Bop pretty much taught Julius everything that he knew about baseball I was pretty confident that it was not too much that anyone could teach him defensively. Then I was introduced to Anthony " AD" Dye of the Atlanta Bluejays. Bop told me this was the guy to take our boys to the next level. All that I knew about AD at the time was that he was a former professional player himself who's contacts in the baseball world was extensive. I viewed Bop as the trainer and AD was like the "Don King" of baseball only with a better looking hair do. Lol To my surprise he ended up being much more than that.

During Julius' first season with the Atlanta Bluejays I asked AD to tell me what he thought about Julius performance. He told me "Julius had the skills and was a workhorse. After practice Julius wanted more ground balls. I told him no. " AD said " I told him that rather then taking 200 ground balls and making errors on 25 give me 10 perfect ground balls. Julius didn't understand at first i knew exactly what AD meant so I explained it like this. Look at it like a 200 question multiple choice test. You have so many questions you're not as concerned if you miss a few. On the hand if you had a 10 question essay test each and every question ( or ground ball) is important. Julius did what he knew to do on the field that's called instinct. Now he Knows what he is doing that's called "baseball IQ" baby. On the field every player has somewhere to be something that they need to do on every play. I give all the credit to Professor Dye for Julius and all of his players having a high baseball IQ.
Leading up to the 2010MLB draft Julius was contacted by all 30 MLB teams he had 14 home visits and was invited to several workouts. Julius was drafted by the Boston Red Sox out of high school. In order to continue to perfect his skills and get his education Julius decided to except his 100% scholarship to Florida International University in Miami Florida where he is their starting short stop for his 2nd year. Julius will be eligible to be drafted agin after his junior year.

Once a Bluejay always a Bluejay. AD still calls Julius and he goes down to see him play and he still critiques his game. AD supports all his present and former players. In fact he has a second phone that his former players that are currently in college or pro ball are the only ones that have the number. He encourages them to call him if they need him for anything.

In summary if you have a son who has the love of the game of baseball and has the desire to play this game at the highest level that their talents will take them this is the team for them. From body type to skill set AD will play your son in the position(s) that he will play at the next level. Julius was a middle infielder & pitcher in high school but even though Julius was better than some of the pitching staff of the Bluejays AD would not put him on the mound to win a game. He truly cares about his players.

I give God the glory for everything. I know that there is a purpose for each person that crosses your path. AD doesn't know this but I truly believe that he was sent by God to develop the talent that God gave Julius and make him the baseball player that he is today.
AD knew that although Julius could pitch a little his destiny at the higher levels was in the middle infield.

On the other hand if your son is a pitcher Coach Steve Loureiro is one of the best pitching coaches in Georgia. Steve has been with been with AD since he started the Atlanta Bluejays and I have personally seen him take a kid with raw talent who was throwing 84-86 mph on his fast ball Steve polished him fine tuned him which added 10mph on his fastball. Coach Steve turned him into a product that Major League Baseball wanted. This kid and several other former Atlanta Bluejay pitchers are playing college and pro ball today. They all have Coach Steve to thank for getting them to the next level.

The only thing wrong with this organization is not enough people know about them. Or they don't know the real story. So if you want to know more feel free to call me. I would be happy to tell you.

Be Blessed
Kenny Gaines
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