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Atlanta Blue Jays Baseball Testimonials - Jeremy Beckham

I was a freshman in college still getting acclimated to the collegiate athletes lifestyle. After making (4 or 5) errors in my first two televised games against Georgia Tech I was quickly benched. At this time between academics and baseball struggles I felt overwhelmed! I really did not know what direction to go in, I had never struggled before and I was unfamiliar with watching games from the bench, it sucked. Long story short the Atlanta Blue Jays program keeps tabs on their own, so shortly after i was not in the line-up to close out the Tech series I got a phone call from Anthony Dye (Atlanta Blue Jays President) which I did not answer because i was embarrassed. Then came a barrage of text messages the last one simply saying "CALL ME!!!!". That is when I finally realized that being prideful was not helping the situation! So eventually we spoke, and the first thing I heard was "this comes with the territory, you have to be tough mentally first in this game! I have someone I want you to talk to!" He patches in (Junior Spivey) at the time a big league infielder! We talked baseball for 30 minutes at a time in my life when I was not sure I would even finish my freshman season! This conversation along with a book (Anthony) immediately sent me in the mail "The Mental Game of Baseball" rejuvenated my zeal, confidence, and passion for the game! This made me work harder in every aspect of my college life at the time. I went from being on "Academic Probation" to a college graduate, and from a kid that had his confidence shaken as a freshman in a game I loved more than almost anything in the world to a professional baseball player. That is my story of how the family atmosphere of the (ABJ) kept me in the game and allowed me to reach my ultimate potential!

Jeremy Beckham

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