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Atlanta Blue Jays Baseball Testimonials - Jordan Beistline

To present and future Blue Jay members:
My name is Jordan Beistline. I was once and will always be a Blue Jay. I grew up in Lagrange, Georgia where I went to Troup County High School. I played for the Blue Jays from 2003 to 2007. ONCE A BLUEJAY, ALWAYS A BLUEJAY. Reading this message sent chills down my body. The reason behind that is because without my best friend (Harry Nutter) that is watching from up above, I don't know who I would have played for. He was the one that made me go to the try out that gave me the opportunity to be a part of the Blue Jays.  The Blue Jays helped me so much and I learned so much from them. In high school, my coach did not help me get recruited to go play in college. It all started with the Blue Jays.  They made me see that all things in life are not handed to you, you earn it! AD and Steve were my second dads and made me give my all just as if I was at home working. Especially Steve!!! He pushed me to the max every day. I would run for days at the field and at his house in the basement along with the “towel drills”.... I could do those things in my sleep.  He prepared me for the next level. I had a great college career with Jacksonville State University. My pitching record was 19-7 mostly a starter and sometimes relief. To the present and future players listen to Steve and AD they know what they are doing. For all the pitchers in the organization, the runnings that Steve makes you do, DO IT AND DON'T COMPLAIN! This will make you so much better! The running is preparing you for college. THIS IS A FACT.  Steve has called me up multiple times to talk with the players and they find out firsthand how the running is.  The dedication and pride for such an eminent program is amazing. The Jays helped open the next chapter in my book by finding a great school to play ball, get a great education and become a man. I thank them so much! All the blood, sweat, and tears meant something to me and always will. This organization taught me to be a winner not only as a person, but from a TEAM aspect. I don't know how it is these days with the team, but when I was playing... If you weren't performing or just going through the motions in practice, someone was in your face and tell you to get your mind right.

I could go for days with the words of advice but the best that I have is "Every day you show up to the park for practice or a game, go at it like there is no tomorrow." You never know what might happen. To participate in a baseball organization like this is a fantastic opportunity, so don’t take it for granted, because it goes fast!

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