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Atlanta Blue Jays Baseball Testimonials - Ben Hawkins

My time with the Blue Jays was way more than just an elite "travel ball" experience. My time with the Blue Jays was a Professional Baseball experience! That was one thing that I learned as a Blue Jay that whatever you're doing, on the field, off the field, in the stands, in the classroom and in life is to be a professional all the time! It can carry you a long long way! Now I'm from the small town of Rome, Ga so really any competitive elite teams in the area, but I did play on very good travel ball teams teams throughout the years! I played for the Atlanta Blue Jays for 2 seasons (junior and senior year) and those two seasons really changed my entire career! The coaches, schools and Scouts that I never thought would be interested in me were beginning to show interest in me because I was going to the right showcases and tournaments for them to see me! In 2008 we had the 1st overall pick come out of our organization, Tim Beckham, so that speaks for itself about the Blue Jays organization! I went on to play two years at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville, AL.. Went on to play my junior year at the University of West Florida, where we brought the school its first ever NCAA D-II National Championship! I then was drafted in the 36th Round of the First Year Player Draft by the Washington Nationals! I played 3 years in the Organization before being released. I really owe a lot of my career to the Atlanta Blue Jays! The coaches in the organization have very high expectations for players to have and they really know how to get the best out of each and every kid in the organization! The exposure and the coaches and the cities that you travel to are exceptional! One of the top and most first class organizations in the country! The only thing the coaches want from each player is to put God first in all that you do, excel in the classroom, and give 100% effort in everything you do on and off the field and they will make sure college placement is taken care of! I'm now in Decatur, AL where I do pitching instruction with all kids in North Alabama and I'm still telling my older players about the Atlanta Blue Jays and trying to lead them that way if I think they can play the Blue Jay way!"

Ben Hawkins, LHP Wallace State/West Florida/Washington Nationals
2007-2008 Blue Jays


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