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Atlanta Blue Jays Baseball Testimonials - Blake Brewer

Before I became an Atlanta Bluejay I was traveling from team to team not really knowing the game of baseball. I didn't discover the real meaning until I was apart of the Atlanta Bluejays program. They welcomed me with open arms, great coaches who know the game, and great teammates with competitiveness brought the best out of me. The program taught me about hard work and how to be a better person, player, and an overall professional.

Anthony Dye is a hard nose coach who gets the best out of his players and Steve knows pitching better than anyone I know. I can say they contributed big time to me and my teammates successes. In this program you gain not only life long friends but a family who has your back till the end.

I came into the program throwing 84-86 at the end of my last year with the Bluejays I was 93-95 and was drafted I. The 11th round by the Miami Marlins. Once I was drafted Anthony and Steve still reached out to me and made sure I was always good. It's really a family and if you have the desire to be the best and succeed I say you go the Bluejay way!

Blake Brewer- Former Atlanta Bluejay Pitcher 2005-2008

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